SynchronizAPI Platform

Built using .NET Full Framework a JSON Web API stack.

Running on Microsoft Windows Server, using a Microsoft SQL database. The front-end solutions have been developed on a variety of front-end frameworks including Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, JavaScript, CoreUI, and HTML5.

SynchronizAPI was developed on Amazon Web Services.

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SynchronizAPI API Instance


Create dynamic emails using custom templates or an easy-to-use editor. Segment your customer database. Easily tailor and send emails to your customers and prospects fast.


SynchronizAPI Communications


SynchronizAPI Commerce is designed for businesses and organizations. SynchronizAPI Commerce is a headless eCommerce software application developed and runs on the AWS cloud platform.


SynchronizAPI Commerce


The SynchronizAPI Dashboard revolves around your core of customer information. Views of your organization's systems to help you run your business. Your business at a glance.


SynchronizAPI Dashboard